So, what's your STORY?

Our community is a place where you can share your story, 
and discover how you fit into God's Big Story.
Sunday nights at 7:30 we gather for our worship service, Breaking Bread.  We meet in the side chapel of Nassau Presbyterian Church, just look for the signs! Tuesday nights at 8:00 we gather in the Yankee Doodle Taproom for Theology on Tap to discuss theology, eat food, and exchange stories about life and faith.
Throughout the week we read books, study scripture, wrestle with questions, pray, share food, love deeply, tell stories, laugh hard, strive for peace, do art, suffer together, and seek to passionately love God and God's world.
Whether your a fervent believer, a jaded doubter, a pious saint, or a curious skeptic you have a place at our Table.  

Princeton Presbyterians is a member of UKIRK, a national community of students, staff, faculty, campus ministers, church-folk, and chaplains who share a connection to the Presbyterian Church USA. The "U" stands for "University" and the "Kirk" (which means "Church") is a nod to our Scottish heritage. All to say, UKirk simply means: University Church.
We think many of the beliefs and practices specific to our Presbyterian/Reformed tradition are important, compelling, and beautiful, and think you might, too. Still, we want everybody (and thier neighbor) to know that ALL are welcome to be part of our community, regardless of religious affiliation! We're not really into turning people away or saying you have to behave or believe exactly like us. (In fact, we pretty sure Jesus wasn't Presbyterian. Shocking, right?!)
So whether you're a lifelong Presbyterian or a spiritual seeker, come and hang out with us! Everyone's voice is important, and we do this whole following Jesus thing better when it do it TOGETHER!